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Direct E-mail Marketing
» Select your geographic area, by country, state, or proximity to a location, as well as gender, dance goals, and age range.
» Supply us with the HTML and TEXT portions of your e-mail.
» We'll handle the details and send your custom e-mail directly to our members from a trusted name they already know,
Your ad will be sent to dancers in the geographic area you select
Cost Comparison*
Method Cost 1,000 Leads $0.75, to as low as $0.50 per lead (volume dependant) $750.00
Post Card, bulk rate postage + printing costs + list cost = $1.00 (or more) per lead $1,000.00
Google Adwords Average $10 per qualified lead $10,000.00
* Minimum campaign: $200.00
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Text / HTML / Graphics

Sample from one of our advertisers:
Submission Guidelines

We normally send multi-part e-mails which include both an HTML version and a plain text version of your ad. If you wish, we may send Text-only or HTML-only, however multi-part is best. Tips:

  • Don't use <p> paragraph markers - many e-mail clients don't treat them correctly! Use <br><br> between text lines instead.
  • Tables are a great way to lay out e-mails.
  • Images, if any, within your e-mail must be HOSTED and references to such images should be the full URL. For example:
  • <img src="">