On-Line and In-Person Safety Tips

Meeting new people is always fun, and dancers tend to be the nicest people! However, just to make sure you don't find yourself in an awkward, or even unsafe, situation we would like to offer a few tips for your utmost safety and enjoyment of this site.

  1. Do not disclose your e-mail address (keep all correspondence on-site)

    We do not advise members to disclose their e-mail and take their conversations off-site for many reasons. Keeping your conversation on-site has these benefits:

    • If a member becomes annoying you can easily block them (via the block button.)
    • If a member sends you an inappropriate message, we have a copy as evidence and we can close their account.
    • Members can only send you photos that we have approved.
    • In the rare case of a fraud or scam (pretty rare but it can happen) we have evidence in the form of an e-mail exchange and can close their account.
    • On-site communication keeps people polite since they know if they cross the line they can be reported.

    Knowing this, tricksters often try to take their conversation off-site quickly to avoid detection. They will often pressure you with "my membership will end soon" or "it's easier for me to correspond off-site". For your safety and peace of mind, please keep all correspondence on-site.

    Note: Many want your e-mail to send you their photos to maintain their privacy, they claim. However, we already have a Private Gallery exactly for that purpose. Tell the member to upload their Private Gallery and send you a photo pass. There's no need to e-mail photos.

  2. Moderation
    Don't tell your whole life's story in your first e-mail. Some people can become overwhelmed with your candor. Instead, reveal a few of the most important things to you and what you're looking for in a partner. If things go well, there will be plenty of time for more details later.
  3. Don't reveal Personal Information
    Don't disclose your real name, phone number, address, or other personal information until well after you've met in person, perhaps several times, and established a trusting relationship.

    Note about e-mail address disclosure: We advise that you not disclose your e-mail address and keep all correspondence within our site. In the case a member becomes a problem, such e-mails will provide evidence for us to act. We cannot act on correspondence outside of our site because it is not verifiable.
  4. Look at their Photos!
    A photo reveals so much about a person. If they've chosen not to display a photo at DancePartner.com, ask them why not! Then ask your new friend to upload a photo or two of themselves. Photos can be very revealing about a person.
  5. Be Gracious
    Perhaps after your first or second correspondence, one of you feels there is no match. Be gracious! Don't express frustration or irritation to the other person. It will only reflect poorly on your character. Instead, move on. There are plenty of people in the dance world - and not everyone is a match for any one person.
  6. Watch out for red flags!
    Does your contact raise any red flags? Trust your gut reaction. If it sounds strange, be wary. Some things to be concerned about:
  7. Meet in a known public place
    If you both decide to meet, make it a public location. Certainly, a dance studio that you already frequent is a great choice. A club in an out of the way location you know nothing about might be in a poor/dangerous neighborhood and should be avoided.