A Diary section appears at the bottom of every profile for you to make notes regarding such member. Just like the locked diary at the right, your diary notes are private. Only you can read your diary notes; no one else. The owner of the profile cannot read your notes!

Example Diary Notes

Diary Notes Location

The diary section appears at the bottom of every detailed profile. (To see a detailed profile of a member after a search, click their username.) The diary section looks like this:
your-username's Diary your-username's eyes only  ? 
Your diary notes appear here

Click to enter/edit diary text.

View All Diary Notes

You may view all profiles for which you've entered Diary notes via the top menu Profile Lists Diary Notes

Reminder Do not write messages to the owner of the profile in the Diary section. The person cannot read them; only you can. To write a member, use their profile e-mail button.