E-mail Overload?

Mail Receiving Preferences

Visit Profile Preferences (top menu) to alter your preferences. Green items control mail you receive. Here's a summary:

Reduce / Stop Notifications In Notifications, set each item to desired frequency.
Setting Viewed and Favorites to either Weekly Digest Only or Never will likely reduce your e-mail notifications by 90%.
Block greeting cardsIn Emails and Greetings, set Greetings to Block to only receive e-mails
Block photo-less messagesIn Emails and Greetings, set Photo-less to Block and only those with a Primary Photo may contact you
Stealth Mode Want to be invisible, receive zero e-mails, and only receive replies from people you contact? We call that Private mode. In the Preferences section, set Visibility to Private. Once again, in Private mode, don't expect any e-mails unless you reach out.

Edit Preferences in popup window