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Subscriptions – Send up to 200 e-mails/day – No tokens required

- 3 Months
prepaid as one $45.00 charge
- 1 Year
 $90.00  $60.00
prepaid as one $60.00 charge
67% off quarterly rate!
$ = US Dollars

Auto-renew locks in current prices as long as your subscription remains. Auto-renew is optional.

How it Works
All recipients, even accounts, may both read and reply. will enable you to connect with every dancer on our site, subscriber or not.
Benefits exist during the membership term. For example, the free-reply would expire when the sender's status expires.

Tokens - Special Features / Low Volume E-mailing

  • Tokens may be used for sending gifts, special delivery, delivery confirmation, and becoming a featured member.
  • Tokens may also be used to send e-mails ("T-mails") without a subscription at 50 tokens/contact.
    T-mails are only economical for communication with a small number of members. A subscription is often a better choice since you may contact more members (200 e-mails/day) at a fixed price.
    1. T-mails are similar to E-mails – members may read/reply for free.
    2. T-mails create a permanent connection between you and your recipient. Both you and your recipient may freely e-mail back and forth without time limit regardless of either party's subscription.
      T-mail Credit Policy - Credits are in Token credits
      • If all T-mails to a recipient remain unread, you may claim a credit 14 days after the first T-mail was sent. A Void button will appear for credit qualifying T-mails on your Details page. (Applies to T-mails sent on/after 2016-01-01.)
      • You'll receive an automatic T-mail/T-read credit for any member who we later discover is a fake account.
    1200 tokens$72.0024 contacts ($3.00 per contact)
    600 tokens$42.0012 contacts ($3.50 per contact)
    400 tokens$32.008 contacts ($4.00 per contact)
    200 tokens$20.004 contacts ($5.00 per contact)
$ = US Dollars
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