Subscriptions – Send up to 50 e-mails/day – No tokens required

Silver - 1 Year
prepaid as one $48.00 charge
That's 50% off quarterly rate!
Silver - 3 Months
prepaid as one $24.00 charge
Gold - 1 Year
prepaid as one $96.00 charge
That's 50% off quarterly rate!
Gold - 3 Months
prepaid as one $48.00 charge
$ = US Dollars

Auto-renew locks in current prices as long as your subscription remains. Auto-renew is optional.

Level Benefits*
Silver Send e-mails. (Recipients must be, or upgrade to, Silver or Gold, or use Tokens, to read/reply.) Silver is lower cost than Gold and safer since both parties are vetted.
Gold Send e-mails. Recipients of all levels, including Free members, may read and reply.
* Benefits exist during the membership term. For example, the free-reply would expire when the sender's Gold status expires.

Tokens - Special Features / Low Volume E-mailing

  • Tokens may be used for sending gifts, special delivery, delivery confirmation, and becoming a featured member.
  • Tokens may also be used to send e-mails ("T-mails") without a subscription at 50 tokens/contact.
    T-mails are only economical for communication at extremely low volumes and when you have high confidence that you'll actually receive a reply!
    A subscription, above, is typically a better choice since you may contact more members (50 e-mails/day) at a fixed price.
    1. T-mails are similar to Gold E-mails – Free members may read/reply for free.
    2. T-mails create a permanent connection between you and your recipient. Both you and your recipient may freely e-mail back and forth without time limit regardless of either party's subscription.
      T-mail Credit Policy If you've contacted a member with one or more T-mails, and that recipient fails to read any of your T-mails, you may claim a credit (in tokens) 30 days after the first T-mail was sent. This applies to any T-mails initiated on or after May 2016. (A Void button will appear for credit qualifying T-mails on your Details/Receipt page.)
    600 tokens$48.0012 contacts ($4.00 per contact)
    400 tokens$36.008 contacts ($4.50 per contact)
    200 tokens$20.004 contacts ($5.00 per contact)
    100 tokens$12.002 contacts ($6.00 per contact)
$ = US Dollars
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