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Amateur Male (79) seeking Female
H West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA 5910mi/9456km MAP
  Me Seeking
Pro/Am Status Amateur Professional
Experience 12 years at least 0 years experience
3Intermediate 1SilverCSilver
Dance Styles
Yes Social Ballroom
Yes American Smooth
Yes East Coast Swing/Rock-n-Roll
Yes American Rhythm
Yes Hustle
Yes Salsa
Yes African
Yes Social Ballroom
Yes American Smooth
Yes East Coast Swing/Rock-n-Roll
Yes American Rhythm
Yes Hustle
Yes Salsa
Yes African
Yes Social
No Competition
No Performance
Yes Training/Practice
Yes Social
No Competition
Yes Performance
Yes Training/Practice
Like to Dance ? hrs/day, ? days/week (unused at present)
Physical Description
  Me Seeking
Gender Male Female
Age 79 Any
Height (w/o shoes) 5'6" (168 cm) 5'0" (152 cm) to 5'5" (165 cm)
Weight 170 lbs (77 kg) (unused at present)
Hair Color Gray/White (unused at present)
Eye Color Brown (unused at present)
Body Type Muscular/Athletic
Yes Slim/Slender
Yes Average
Yes Muscular/Athletic
Yes Stocky
No Large
Ethnicity Other Any
Personal Information
  Me Seeking
Relationship Status Single
Yes Single
Yes Separated
No In a relationship
No Married or Live-in Partner
Occupation Self Employed (unused at present)
Smoking No
Yes No
No Occasionally
No Daily
Drinking No Any
Education Masters Degree (unused at present)
Income ? (unused at present)
Religion ? (unused at present)
Open to Dating Yes I don't care.
I'm just looking for a dance partner.
Language skill
Yes English
Credentials 0 Request Credential
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More About Me
Meet a discerning interesting, open-minded, creative designer/builder, real-estate consultant and FEMA disaster assistance project officer. A loving and intimately involved, non-meddling, single parent of two independent adult sons, Jesse and Ben, and who was “custodial" son for his dad, until his Dad’s recent death at 102.
Who is very affectionate, kind, warm and nurturing, extremely patient, empathetic, gregarious, tolerant, and compassionate. Religiously humanistic and politically active (working towards peace and the preservation of life). Humorous, some times ironic and silly, though emotionally mature.
Full of positive energy and optimistic feelings. I am ethical, trustworthy, sincere, dependable and honest.
Integrity is the essential core of my being. People can and do confide in me, I listen and, hear. I do not betray confidences and I‘m a loyal friend in any “weather”. I greatly value the truth and I am willing to make sacrifices to uphold it.
A great guy, to have around the house: particularly as Mr. Fixit, or to prepare a wonderful meal for you, preferably served by a warm fire, and in case of most emergencies.
I love life, to love and to be loved. Great pleasure is derived from; dancing (especially ballroom), swimming, cooking, photography, playing the drums and the piano (or at least trying to), inventing, helping other people, and especially, being with my family.
As a Peace Corps volunteer I lived and worked in Nigeria. I have traveled extensively (in: Africa, Europe, the Middle East, central and north America , the Caribbean and the north and south pacific and India) but have much of the world to see.
I am infinitely curious and interested about life and relationships and have a keen perception of people and society. After much questioning I may have some of the answers. However, I am aware that there always seem to be more questions and many enigmas.
You will not need to pick up after me; I enjoy cleaning and ironing; I also put down the toilet seat.
While the "bells and whistles" of the good life are appreciated, I neither need nor require them for my contentment.
I have said, I a lot. Though I am a, we, kind of guy.
Have you read this and said, “ WAHOO YESSS!” Then I look forward to “hearing” from you.
Even if you have only thought, “maybe”, I still would like to hear from you.
I'm Looking For
You think deeply and are deeply thoughtful. You question conventional wisdom, think outside the box. You are sophisticated, very passionate, fun, sexy, kind and self-aware. Like me, you do well on your own but much better together, i.e., you enjoy partnering.

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