Site uses the secure HTTPS protocol, meaning all traffic, including logins and messaging, is encrypted for privacy.

Because we use HTTPS, is generally safe to use on a public network (cafe, airport, etc.)

Login Security

Update and management access to your account is controlled by your username and private password.


E-mails you send are visible to recipients only; no other members.

E-mails are stored as clear text, just like Internet e-mails.

Our staff has the ability to read e-mails and may do so in the case of a fraud investigation or other suspected site use violations.

Photos has three photo galleries:

Images in the Standard Gallery are viewable by all. Images in the Private Gallery and Credentials Gallery are only viewable by members to whom you send a Photo Pass or Credentials Pass respectively.


Normally your profile and Standard Gallery images are publicly viewable, just like a Facebook profile, for example.

You may change your visibility to Members-Only or No-one via the top menu Profile Preferences, Privacy/Visibility section.

Payment Security

Payments are managed by external trusted services, Verisign and PayPal. does not store your credit card number but Verisign and PayPal may.