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Amateur Female (30) seeking Male
H Toronto, Ontario, Canada 6260mi/10016km Map
  Me Seeking
Pro/Am Status Amateur Professional
Experience 10 years at least 4 years experience
7StarChampSRising Star
6ShowPre-ChampA2Senior Staff
7StarChampSRising Star
Dance Styles
Yes International Latin
Yes International Standard
Yes International Latin
Yes International Standard
No Social
Yes Competition
Yes Performance
Yes Training/Practice
No Social
Yes Competition
Yes Performance
Yes Training/Practice
Like to Dance 3 hrs/day, 4 days/week (unused at present)
Physical Description
  Me Seeking
Gender Female Male
Age 30 18 to 25
Height (w/o shoes) 5'3" (160 cm) 5'6" (168 cm) to 5'11" (180 cm)
Weight 115 lbs (52 kg) (unused at present)
Hair Color Dark Brown (unused at present)
Eye Color Brown (unused at present)
Body Type Average
Yes Slim/Slender
Yes Average
Yes Muscular/Athletic
No Stocky
No Large
Ethnicity Caucasian/White Any
Personal Information
  Me Seeking
Relationship Status Single
Yes Single
Yes Separated
No In a relationship
No Married or Live-in Partner
Occupation ? (unused at present)
Smoking No Any
Drinking No Any
Education High School (unused at present)
Income ? (unused at present)
Religion ? (unused at present)
Open to Dating ? I don't care.
I'm just looking for a dance partner.
Language skill
Yes French
Yes Italian
Yes English
Credentials 0 Request Credentials
Covid Vaccination Prefer not to say I prefer not to say
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More About Me
I am currently at my studio and have been dancing for about 6 years. Trained with Maurizio Vescovo, Andra Vaidilaite, and Yuliya Zavadskaya. I have advanced really quickly under these amazing coaches; I learn choreography very quickly, and need a partner who can do the same. I love to dance, but it is not the only think with which I am involved, seeing as I am currently a full time university student. I am looking for a partner with which I can find a connection and who makes dancing fun. I am passionately involved in ballroom and dancesport, and love to compete.
I'm Looking For
I am looking for a competitive dance partner, who enjoys dancing, is wants to become better. I dedicate myself 100% to whatever I am doing, an I hope to find a partner who shares both my passion and enthusiam for the the sport.
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