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Amateur Male (47) seeking Female
H Oakville, Ontario, Canada 6276mi/10042km Map
Vax Status: I prefer not to say
  Me Seeking
Pro/Am Status Amateur Professional
Experience 3 years at least 0 years experience
Dance Styles
Yes International Latin
Yes International Standard
Yes International Latin
Yes International Standard
Yes Social
No Competition
No Performance
Yes Training/Practice
Like to Dance ? hrs/day, ? days/week (unused at present)
Physical Description
  Me Seeking
Gender Male Female
Age 47 18 to 45
Height (w/o shoes) 6'4" (193 cm) 5'9" (175 cm) to 6'5" (196 cm)
Weight ? (unused at present)
Hair Color Blonde (unused at present)
Eye Color Blue (unused at present)
Body Type Muscular/Athletic Any
Ethnicity ? Any
Personal Information
  Me Seeking
Relationship Status ? Any
Occupation ? (unused at present)
Smoking No Any
Drinking ? Any
Education Masters Degree (unused at present)
Income ? (unused at present)
Religion ? (unused at present)
Open to Dating ? I don't care.
I'm just looking for a dance partner.
Language skill
Yes English
Credentials 0 Request Credentials
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More About Me
I've been dancing for about 3 years intensively and learned a lot. My main goal is to learn correct technique. I even have a dance blog where I write about what I learned and to help others. I love international standard and Latin because of the strict structure and pose both partners have to have in order to dance correctly. Moving by the music gives me a great enjoyment where I can dance 2-3 hours with full intensity and working on getting better and at the same time enjoying it. I even listen to some of the ballroom dance music and it gives me a great urge to dance. It's a wonderful feeling to be able to move with the music and have the skills to do it. My dream is to go to Vienna and dance Viennese Waltz at the ball! My favourite dance is Jive - I love the music of rock'n roll and the way it gives me the energy to dance which is also a good cardio workout. Samba is my second favourite dance because I love the rhythm and bouncing action. The rhythm gives me a lot of passion for the dance. Viennese waltz is my third favourite because you can stretch your arms wide and fly across the dance floor and it gives me the feeling of being somewhere at the ball of Vienna. After these fast dances it's so great to just slow down and express yourself in Rumba or Slow Waltz. And then after this relaxation, comes the Tango! All my attitude goes into it. There are so many wonderful tango songs that give you the energy for it. I'm not looking to compete, because I think dancing is to be enjoyed, not to be stressed over or made the only goal in life (I have other goals too). That does not mean I'm not serious about dancing. On the contrary. I work on my technique constantly and practice by myself because I like advancing my skills so that when a proper partner comes along, we can enjoy it together. I'm not looking to date my dance partner because, I've been there and it's ... Too much. :)
I'm Looking For
I learn a little bit from each partner especially from the new one. Dancing is the process where you can feel the energy from the partner. You can communicate it without the words through the dance. It's a great feeling to enjoy the music, teach each other the figures, give feedback and see where it will take you.
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