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Professional Male (34) seeking Female
H Charlotte, North Carolina, USA 6094mi/9750km Map
💉Vax Status: I prefer not to say
  Me Seeking
Pro/Am Status Professional Professional
Experience 8 years at least 3 years experience
7StarChampSRising Star
6ShowPre-ChampA2Senior Staff
7StarChampSRising Star
9World Top 48World Top 48WWorld Top 48
Dance Styles
Yes American Rhythm
Yes American Smooth
Yes Social Ballroom
Yes East Coast Swing/Rock-n-Roll
Yes West Coast Swing
Yes Bachata
Yes Country/Western
Yes Hustle
Yes Salsa
Yes American Rhythm
Yes American Smooth
No Social
Yes Competition
Yes Performance
No Training/Practice
No Social
Yes Competition
Yes Performance
No Training/Practice
Like to Dance 3 hrs/day, 4 days/week (unused at present)
Physical Description
  Me Seeking
Gender Male Female
Age 34 21 to 35
Height (w/o shoes) 6'0" (183 cm) 5'4" (163 cm) to 5'10" (178 cm)
Weight ? (unused at present)
Hair Color ? (unused at present)
Eye Color ? (unused at present)
Body Type Average
Yes Slim/Slender
Yes Average
Yes Muscular/Athletic
No Stocky
No Large
Ethnicity Caucasian/White Any
Personal Information
  Me Seeking
Relationship Status Single Any
Occupation Dance Professional (unused at present)
Smoking Daily Any
Drinking Socially Any
Education ? (unused at present)
Income ? (unused at present)
Religion ? (unused at present)
Open to Dating Yes I don't care.
I'm just looking for a dance partner.
Language skill
Yes English
Credentials 0 Request Credentials
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More About Me
I started teaching at a small independent studio in Arizona, where one of the senior staff trained me to be her Country Western competition partner. After a few years, I moved back to Los Angeles and joined Arthur Murray to continue my dance career. Since then, I have taught everything from brand new students to Gold Scholarship, as well as compete in American Smooth Rising Star and Open Professional. Now that I'm in Charlotte, I'm hoping to find someone who wants to compete, as presently it is not a desire for my co-workers.
I'm Looking For
I would like to find a partner that is interested in competing American Smooth. I'm open to 9 Dance and Specialty, but I prefer smooth. I am able to practice weekday evenings (I teach 1-10pm M-F) and on the weekends, so someone with a similar schedule/desire. Ideally, we can find 15-20 hours
for practice and at least 1 coaching session each week.
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