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Professional Male (25-35) seeking Female
H Jerusalem, Jerusalem District, Israel 3278mi/5245km Map
  Me Seeking
Pro/Am Status Professional Professional
Experience 2 years at least 3 years experience
3Intermediate 1SilverCSilver
4Intermediate 2GoldBGold
6ShowPre-ChampA2Senior Staff
7StarChampSRising Star
Dance Styles
Yes Bachata
Yes Kizomba
Yes Salsa
Yes Zouk
Yes Latin/Flamenco
Yes Middle Eastern
Yes Bachata
Yes Kizomba
Yes Salsa
Yes Zouk
Yes Latin/Flamenco
Yes Middle Eastern
Yes Social
No Competition
Yes Performance
Yes Training/Practice
Like to Dance 2 hrs/day, 3 days/week (unused at present)
Physical Description
  Me Seeking
Gender Male Female
Age 25-35 18 to 39
Height (w/o shoes) 5'6" (168 cm) 5'5" (165 cm) to 5'9" (175 cm)
Weight 137 lbs (62 kg) (unused at present)
Hair Color Dark Brown (unused at present)
Eye Color Brown (unused at present)
Body Type Muscular/Athletic
Yes Slim/Slender
Yes Average
Yes Muscular/Athletic
Yes Stocky
No Large
Ethnicity Other Any
Personal Information
  Me Seeking
Relationship Status Single Any
Occupation Dance Professional (unused at present)
Smoking No Any
Drinking No Any
Education Masters Degree (unused at present)
Income Less than $20,000 US (unused at present)
Religion Christian/Other (unused at present)
Open to Dating No I don't care.
I'm just looking for a dance partner.
Language skill
Yes Arabic
Yes English
Credentials 0 Request Credentials
Covid Vaccination Fully Vaccinated 2 primary doses + 1 or more boosters
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More About Me
I started dancing in 2010 in different styles of Flamenco, Salsa, Samba (couples), Cha Cha, Rumba, Hawai, and more. I then stopped for 6 years and went back to dancing in 2016 in Bachata, Cuban Salsa, Kizomba, and some Zouk. Since then I have been dancing all those styles, but particularly LA Salsa, Cuban Salsa, and Bachata. I started teaching those styles in 2019 until today. I currently have established my own dance project to use latin dance as a tool towards a humanitarian umbrella of human and women's rights as to lead to a cultural revolution particularly in our Palestinian community. We use dance as means to break off patriarchal patterns and stereotypes against women when they are physically touched through dance. We also use dance as means to say that we have the freedom to joy as Palestinians, and thus we connect with Israelis against the very Israelis military occupation itself that prevents freedom of movement for Palestinians and thus freedom of movement of dance towards joy and expressiveness of happiness.
I'm Looking For
I need a partner who is so passionate about dancing, yet very creative when she dances and ready to make dance as a vital part of her humanitarian deep heart towards rights and human rights and liberation within Palestine and Israel. Someone who's willing to both practice and see meaning bigger than mere performance or a show behind our practice. Someone who would dream to see women set free from cultural judgements the moment they freely express themselves, and more.
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